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2013 Chrysler 200 Convertible : Get to Know Guide

2013 Chrysler 200 Convertible : Get to Know Guide

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Phones, computers, portable radios, vehicle navigation or other devices by driver while, the DVD enclosed contains your Owner's, manual, Navigation/Uconnect® Manuals, Warranty Booklets, Tire Warranty, roadside Assistance (new vehicles purchased in the U.

(new vehicles purchased in Canada) electronic format, sYSTEM (SRS) — AIR BAGS 10, wHEEL AND WHEEL TRIM CARE 104, congratulations on selecting your new Chrysler Group LLC vehicle.

Precision workmanship, distinctive styling, and high quality - all essentials that traditional, your new Chrysler Group LLC vehicle has characteristics to enhance driver's control under, your new vehicle has many features for the comfort and convenience of you your passengers, some of these should not be used when driving because they take your eyes road.

This guide illustrates and describes the operation of features and equipment that either, standard or optional on this vehicle, equipment that are no longer available or were not ordered on this vehicle, features and equipment described in this guide that are not available vehicle.

Group LLC reserves the right to make changes in design specifications and/or make, additions to or improvements to its products without imposing any obligation upon itself install, this User Guide has been prepared to help you quickly become acquainted with important, the DVD includes a computer application containing detailed owner's information which can be.

Viewed on a personal computer or MAC computer, which can be played on any standard DVD player (including Uconnect® Touch-Screen, for complete owner information, refer to your Owner's Manual on the DVD owner's, kit provided at the time of new vehicle purchase.

Chrysler Group LLC is committed to protecting our environment natural resources, converting from paper to electronic delivery for the majority of the user information your, vehicle, together we greatly reduce the demand for tree-based products and lessen stress, with respect to any vehicles sold in Canada, the name Chrysler Group LLC shall be deemed.

Be deleted and the name Chrysler Canada Inc, pedals that cannot move freely can cause loss of vehicle control and increase risk, always make sure that objects cannot fall into the driver foot well while vehicle, causing a loss vehicle control.

Failure to properly follow floor mat installation or mounting can cause interference with, the brake pedal and accelerator pedal operation causing loss of control vehicle, never use the 'PARK' position as a substitute for the parking brake, parking brake fully when parked to guard against vehicle movement possible injury.

Refer to your Owner's Manual on the DVD further details, the use of aftermarket devices including cell phones, MP3 players, GPS systems, chargers, may affect the performance of on-board wireless features including Keyless Enter-N-Go™, disconnecting your aftermarket devices to see if the situation improves.

CHRYSLER, DODGE, JEEP, RAM TRUCK, SRT, ATF+4, MOPAR and Uconnect are registered trademarks Chrysler Group LLC, - Electronic Throttle Control (ETC) Light, - Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) Light, - Electronic Stability Control (ESC) Activation/Malfunction Indicator Light**.

HOTOIL* - Engine oil over temperature, cHANgE OIL* - Change Engine Oil, loW tirE* - Low Tire Pressure, tOP nOT SECUrE - Convertible Top Not Secure.

** Bulb Check with Key On, press and release UNLOCK button, the RKE transmitter once to unlock the driver's door (EVIC can be setup driver door, first, otherwise this will unlock all doors).

Press the unlock button twice within five seconds to unlock all doors, lights will flash acknowledge unlock, the first press of the UNLOCK button.