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2009 Mazda Mazda B2300 Truck : Smart Start Guide

2009 Mazda Mazda B2300 Truck : Smart Start Guide

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Unlock the driver's door; interior, lock all the doors; park lamps, will flash once confirm lock, press the button again release.

Within three seconds; lamps will flash, again and the horn will chirp confirm, note: If either door is not properly closed, alarm; the horn will sound.

Again or turn the ignition ON,  ress the control button to unlock or lock all doors, lift the release bar slide seat, pull the lever located side.

Of the seat cushion adjust, to open, pull the seat assembly down, then raise seatback,  stow the seat, fold the seatback down and raise seat assembly, glossary of Warning indicator lights.

Please see Owner's Manual for more details explanations, speed of the wipers; rotate toward you decrease speed, will make several passes across windshield,  o turn high beams ON, push lever forward.

 o turn high beams OFF, pull the lever back one position, to flash high beams, pull the lever back all way release, rotate the lighting control knob, to the first position turn tail.

Pull the lighting control knob turn, on foglamps; indicator light will, move the control up down adjust, this is the normal driving position for best fuel economy.

The transmission shifts through all forward gears, press the Overdrive Off switch to disengage re-engage overdrive, the indicator illuminates on the instrument cluster when overdrive off, driving without overdrive provides a lower gear city traffic where.

Continuous shifting in and out of overdrive occurs, hilly terrain, heavy loads, trailer towing and when engine braking required, using the Electronic Shift 4WD System, use this position for street highway driving.

Use this position for extra traction, such as on snow icy roads, use this position for extra gearing to provide maximum power all four, vehicle is moving; this is normal and should be no reason concern, refer to the Owner's Manual further information.

Player integration using AUX jack, the AUX, or auxiliary jack, will allow you to play your MP3 player through, turn the vehicle audio system on, note: Set the volume level on your player to the highest level before distortion starts.

Then adjust volume in the vehicle using the audio system power/volume control, button to turn radio on, the preset channels can be used,  ress and hold preset button.

 ress MENU set 6,  ress mute volume; press,  ress MENU toggle through, you'll be able to take advantage benefits.

Wallpaper, videos other fun stuff,  ar Care Discount Coupons available, refer to the Smart Start Guide during presentation.